Try These ifttt Alternatives

If you find ifttt useful you might want to take a look at these services too. Zapier WeWiredWeb Cloudwork It might be that you like the look of ifttt, but it doesn’t quite suit your needs or the way you work, or it doesn’t connect channels that you use. If that’s the case maybe […]

Creating a CPD or Work Log Using ifttt

As well as using ifttt to share information to various social networks I also find it very useful for building up a personal work/continuing professional development log, which I use to record work I’ve undertaken and work events or training I’ve attended. The main ifttt channels I use as triggers for this are LinkedIn, Google […]

Replacing Google Reader With Ifttt and Pocket

A couple of days ago Google announced they were getting rid of Google Reader, which was a bit of a blow for me, as I use it as a main source of news for sharing to a broad range of social network accounts and sites semi-automatically. I used it in conjunction with ifttt, so that […]

Twitter Archives And IFTTT

Twitter, Google Drive and IFTTT made my day about a week ago. I found out that a new Google Drive channel had been added to IFTTT that enabled me to archive tweets via a spreadsheet – I was specifically looking for something that replaced the service Twapperkeeper used to provide. This was a perfect and straight forward […]

Pulling Photo Storage Together With ifttt

I set up another group of tasks with today, so that I don’t have to dither about: (1) Where I upload a photo or image to, based on who I want to share it with – Flickr, Facebook, Twitpic, my personal blog. (2) Which of my photos/images from these various places should be stored […]

Using ifttt For Productivity And More

I’m busy exploring a useful way of feeding information from one application to another at the moment. It’s called “If This Then That” (ifttt) , is based on a simple idea and is really straightforward to use. You set up a trigger from one web application (eg A Google News search for “libraries”), so that it triggers […]

Pi And Mash Library Techy Day #PiAndMash

A couple of weeks ago I attended Pi and Mash, which was a Mashed Libraries techy event at Senate House Library in London. It’s been a while since the last Mashed Libraries event, so I was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately I could only stay for the morning session, but during that time […]

Automating Information Discovery and Sharing (Umbrella Conference Presentation #UB13)

This is the presentation I gave at this week’s CILIP Umbrella conference, focusing on automating the discovery and sharing of information across many online networks using services like IFTTT and the importance of information literacy in this context. Many Places = Many Conversations Many websites now provide users with the ability to participate in social […]

Stacks Are Being Removed From

I know some people abandoned the social bookmarking site when it looked like it was shutting down a couple of years ago. At the time I transferred my links to Pinboard like others did, but I kept my account. Then AVOS announced they were taking it over. Three cheers for AVOS. :-) I […]

One Week In My Librarian Life #libday8

This is a blog post for the “Library Day In The Life” Project. This project is a semi-annual event where librarians, library staff and library students from all over the globe share a day (or week) in their life through blog posts, photos, video and Twitter updates. As a bit of a background, I’m a Technical Librarian […]