Information Twist Intro


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This blog is about presenting information – whether it’s “here’s a useful thing for you to look at”, doing something different with information, “wouldn’t it be good if?” and also library related ideas. I’m a librarian, computer fiddler (does a bit of programming), amateur musician, fan of retro video games and sci-fi / horror and I imagine that will come across here.

When I talk about information, I’m not just talking about words on a piece of paper or numbers in a spreadsheet. I’m talking about anything that can tell people something about a situation. Words, numbers, images, sounds, etc.

So come with me to No.1 Information-Twist House. What do you mean, “You don’t want to go.” Come on… I’ll pay you a nice shiny farthing if you do.

(edited 15/01/2010)


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