Trailmeme Introduction


Trailmeme is a way of creating a bookmarked path through online resources. Unlike traditional bookmarking, you can link sites together using trails, therefore creating a route along related online materials. Traditionally you could keep related bookmarks together in your web browser by adding them all to the same folder, but this doesn’t show you how the items are related. Trailmeme is also an online application, which means you can easily share your trail of links with other users.

At first look I can think of a few decent uses for this tool.

(1) A record of how you got from site A to B & the places inbetween – handy for personal use, research or as a thought process trail.
(2) Providing tutorials linking related resources.
(3) Creating subject resources or guides – suggested prefered resources, but with the ability for those following your trailmeme to branch off elsewhere.

Depending upon your reason for creating a specific trail you will want to include different types of links. For example, if you’re creating a tutorial trail you don’t necessarily want your students to see the in-depth thought process trail that led you to choose some links instead of others.

You can set up a trailmeme with a specific theme (eg Java programming), give it a title, tag it and organise the links in it.

I’ve decided to set up a Java programming trail, partly as a thought process trail and partly as a subject guide and over the course of a few blog posts I’ll be going through the process to illustrate what you can do with it.

(to be continued…)


4 thoughts on “Trailmeme Introduction

  1. Gary:

    Great to have you taking a serious look and helping others figure out how best to use trailmeme. Email me if you have any specific questions, and I’ll be glad to answer. And as you’ve no doubt noticed, we have a lot of construction rubble. We are iterating and evolving the service really fast, so real-time feedback is very helpful!


    (trailmeme product manager)

  2. Interesting, I’ve toyed with using trailfire to do a guided tour of library resources, is trailmeme similar? The problem with such tools is you can;t include resources behind a pay wall i think.

    • It seems similar to Trailfire, but to be honest I’ve not used Trailfire. On first impressions it seems as if you have to use the Trailfire bookmarklet to identify the pages you want in Trailfire, whereas Trailmeme allows you to import your own bookmarks or add urls. Trailmeme allows you to branch off to a number of pages from one, rather than a straight path as Trailfire seems to be.

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