Get Involved in the Revolution


I enjoyed watching the BBC’s ‘Virtual Revolution’. It filled in gaps in my knowledge about how things have developed since the early days of computer networks. It was also interesting to see things from an information society perspective as well as a techy one.

The series was developed with the help of the common man/woman. The BBC announced it back in Summer 2009, asking for people to contribute to its development. I thought this was a great idea, re-tweeting their calls for input into the series and it was fun/exciting watching it develop over the months.

However, when I go back to look at the blog post feedback on the BBC site and I remember the tweets I picked up around the series, I was really surprised at how little input was added by people outside the BBC. I know the programme makers also went beyond blog posts and Twitter feedback, including forums and discussion groups, but it still seemed like a miniscule response from the people. It got me quite frustrated- expecting at least a decent % of the internet world to get involved in this discussion. People had the chance to shape the programme and they didn’t take the opportunity.

I don’t know why. Maybe they hadn’t picked up on the fact they could contribute. Maybe they just didn’t want to, or couldn’t be bothered. Maybe they didn’t feel it was their place to get involved. Maybe they thought their opinions would be laughed at.

It’s a shame really, as I think a lot of people missed the chance to get involved, get their useful opinions/viewpoints heard and also, in a way, allow the social networking they get involved in over the internet, go beyond the computer and out to a broader audience on TV.


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