Literary Twist Project and Run Basic


After tinkering with my Literary Twist Yahoo pipe (put in a book synopsis and it turns it into a synopsis for a horror novel) I’ve decided that it doesn’t work. Well, it sort of works when it finds any relevant words. The problem is, it relies on the common words appearing in the text fields that are entered into the synopsis text boxes and after testing it for a bit I’ve decided that this method isn’t good enough. Even though I methodically chose the words that would occur frequently enough, it seems that synopsis writers don’t like to write using common words ūüėČ

I’m going to try a different method now – Yes, I know that this project¬†has no practical use in the world, apart from¬†amusing myself, but¬†it’s a challenge to see if I can get it working in the way I wanted.


(c) Tomas Rotger (Flickr)

I’ve now worked out that what it needs to do is, basically¬†identify the most common words in any text that is entered into the text box (rather than common words in general) and twist or replace them in a way that makes sense, but also gives the horror aspect to the new words.

I realise I can’t do this with Yahoo pipes – it’s just too complicated to do it that way for my brain. I find Yahoo pipes is fine as long as I don’t make it really complicated and sometimes Yahoo pipes just stalls and sputters into lifelessness if I make anything too complicated.

So, I’m currently using Run Basic¬†to try and¬†achieve this. As the name suggests it’s a¬†language based around Basic – no sniggering! Basic is embedded in my brain and I will champion this favourite language of 80s school boys until you mock me so much that I curl up into a ball and cry. The good thing is that it’s server based, so you can¬†create dynamic web pages from it. I’ve used php¬†to create dynamic web pages in the past, but if I don’t use it for a while I forget the syntax/methods, etc.¬†Php¬†also tended to go wonky on me when I upgraded browsers as my programming was less than standard. Whereas, as I spent years programming in Basic, Run Basic was so easy to pick up. Run Basic also allows you to parse XML, manipulate files, and use HTTPGET, HTTPPUT functions, as well as other useful things.

So the first thing I’m doing on this new plan is to¬†put together a¬†term extractor and word count. It’s not quite there, but I’ve more confidence cracking it with Run Basic than anything else. I won’t let it beat me, no matter how useless the result is!


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