Catalogue and Classify Those Tweets


The recent announcement about The Library of Congress acquiring the back archive of tweets got me thinking again about meaning in Twitter hashtags. I jokingly suggested that L.O.C. might like to classify them all. Thinking about it properly, classifying them might be useful. I’m not thinking about all tweets, but hashtags mentioned in the tweets.

If you are a library holding references to resources on your catalogue, a catalogue record for and linking to a hashtag url for an event eg #jisc10 or a subject eg #rda might be useful. Twitter provides useful & concise information, links to resources, discussions, etc, so why not make use of that? I know you have to read some waffle too on Twitter, but you often have to read through more waffle in a book.

You could index the hashtag in the same way as your normal stock. ie with subject headings and classification codes. I know tweets are lost into the ether after a few days, but for more permanent links you could use a url pointing to a twitter archiving service like Twapperkeeper, if tweets about the hashtag are being stored. These services are more likely to hold onto tweets for much longer.

I wonder if this is the intention of the Library of Congress?


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