Dewey Invaders Project


A while ago I thought it would be a ridiculous idea to create a game called Dewey Invaders. In this game the player would be presented with a subject heading and also a series of Dewey numbers, one of which is related to the subject heading. The player would then shoot down the Dewey number that the subject heading referred to. If they shot down the wrong Dewey number they would be sternly corrected by the father Dewey ship. It is a “What’s the point?” idea, but I also think it would be a great training tool for game minded classifiers. In fact, with cataloguing and classification being dropped from so many library courses it might be the most cost effective way to train classifiers. I could sell it as an app (even though I hate the word app). What’s the going rate for an app these days? 59p! Oh, that’s the rate for a good app! You can have this for 7.5p then.
It’s not as dull as it sounds, you know! I’d put the numbers into the shape of aliens & have explosions in 3 vibrant colours. 😉 What do you mean- it still isn’t enticing?
It might sound like a daft idea, but I actually think it would keep me up-to-date with my Dewey. I’m partly a cataloguer/classifier, but most of the time I don’t need to add Dewey to records. I just need to know that a number that’s been added to a record is okay and because I enjoy the challenge and style of retro arcade games this would be a way of learning something useful while playing.
I don’t mind what I zap- It’s just pixels on a screen, so it might as well be pixels in the shape of Dewey numbers!


2 thoughts on “Dewey Invaders Project

  1. I’d play this! I love games in general but can’t justify spending time playing them unless they’re educational so this is perfect 🙂 I might even pay 7.5p for it… but would request you make it open source so I can convert it to a Library of Congress version for staff here!

    • I knew I’d find at least one other interested person. Not sure about Library of Congress headings – I’d probably have to put together a dynamic subject index to make it work and it would spoil the fun of doing it. 🙂

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