CilipFuture 2


I didn’t get to finish my brain dump about Cilipfuture in my first blog post, so here’s the second bit…

Could the CILIP website be used as a site that scoops up relevant links/bookmarks to other sites/comments of interest that are relevant to our profession, so it acts as a single reference source to any material that may be relevant. For example, I know of a few wiki’s out there with overlapping interests in librarianship and information management – I just stumble across these things at the moment, but if CILIP was happy to archive these links I’d know that I could go to the CILIP site and any link I wanted would be there. If you made it open access you’ve probably got an army of IT literate information professionals who would help populate it.

Finally, would there be any mileage in partnering with an organisation such as the British Computer Society, to provide affiliate memberships and cross-industry training?


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