Using Trailmeme to document an event


I created a Trailmeme for the Middlemash event , which was held back in November 2009. There was so much information generated around this event that I wondered if it could be presented in a different sort of way.  The good thing about Trailmeme is that you can connect up related web pages in a way that allows you to branch off in different directions.

So, I’ve used the middlemash blog as a central point and branched off to different presentations, linking individual presentations with web sites mentioned in them eg. Tony Hirst talked about Yahoo Pipes, so I linked to the Yahoo Pipes site (as a marker). Paul Stainthorp & Edith Speller also mentioned Yahoo Pipes, so I also linked to the same marker from their presentations too.

Middlemash Trailmeme

As well as the presentations, I’ve linked back to the Mashed Library ning, wiki, Google map, Twapperkeeper archive (for tweets) and as many blog posts about the event as I could find.

I was hoping to link to photos of the event on Flickr, but Flickr doesn’t like to be embedded in a trailmeme. As an alternative, I could probably set up some kind of intermediary link page (if I wanted to keep it all in the box).

I also thought it would be a good idea to have an intermediary page for all the blogs. Otherwise I would have had to link to one of them and then branch out from there. I created a simple document on Google docs which just said “Here come the Middlemash blogs!!!”, published it as a web page and then linked to all the blogs from there. It’s not very pretty, but it does the job.

I’d be interested to see if people find this a useful way of bringing the event information together from a variety of places?

Going off on a tangent now (and unrelated to Trailmeme)… wouldn’t it be good if you had a video of an event and at certain points in the video you could link to related web pages. eg. In the case of Middlemash we might have Chris Keene talking about Aquabrowser during his presentation and at that point a link pops up to take you to the Aquabrowser site. Maybe this does exist – I remember Tony Hirst talking about captioning video with Twitter feeds, so is this feature similar and already available for people to use???


2 thoughts on “Using Trailmeme to document an event

  1. We tried to do something similar for WordCamp Toronto (we were building the trail live while attending the event).

    I think this is an important use case, structurally similar to following a developing news story live across multiple sources. With so much interesting backchannel action, liveblogging etc., the old idea of documenting a conference/event with a CD (or worse, paper proceedings) is on its way out. Now the “documentation” of an event must encompass all the secondary activity it catalyzes across cyberspace, and in the build-up/die-down before and after in time. If you watch an event hashtag, it has an interesting spiky shape with an exponential build up and die-down.


  2. Gary Green

    Isn’t that interesting, Venkat – I didn’t realise you were putting a similar trailmeme together at the same time (I don’t think I did anyway, but I could have picked it up subliminally somewhere). Interesting to see how you structured the map from the top down as a time-line and I tried to spread it out from the blog/programme that was central to the event. I like your use of editorial comments – I’ve never been sure about how to make best use of this box, but you’ve given me some ideas now. I definitely think it was a useful way of bringing various url’s related to the event together.


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