This Made Me 2


In a previous blog post I talked about a biographical project I wanted to attempt – I called it “This Made Me”. I wanted to put together a visual representation of things I consider influenced me throughout my life and made me the person I am today, just as an experiment to see what I could come up with.

I’ve actually managed to turn that idea into something concrete using Yahoo Pipes to pull through information I added to a Google spreadsheet. Yahoo Pipes then automatically created the map with markers and details of influences in those markers. Here it is. The markers contain images pulled through from various websites and also link to relevant web sites too. The map only contains about 13 influences so far, but I’ll add others as I go along.

This Mage Me Yahoo Pipes map

I’m pleased with the fact that I’ve managed to create this without having to manually add the information to the map, as I have done with other maps I’ve created previously. It’s also helped me understand how aspects of Google docs and Yahoo pipes work and is definitely something I can build on. Both @psychemedia and @ostephens gave me plenty of tips on how to achieve this. So, big thanks to them.

Putting this information on a map is only one way of doing things and I’d like it to be more visual (without a map), so I’ll see where I can go with it next. The data is there, it just needs to be fiddled with.

Edit: Part of the challenge of doing this, is seeing if I could provide something that could be used by others too- if they wanted to. That’s why I didn’t create the map manually (for one reason anyway). Maybe a biography of a famous person could be created in the same way, detailing their life based around locations around the world. How about a great explorer like Christopher Columbus or James Cook? All you’d need to do is copy the Yahoo pipe and pull in the data from a different spreadsheet.


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