Generating Blog Keyword Tags 2


I had another go at automating the tagging process for my blog using Yahoo Pipes, as I wanted to improve on my original idea, which was a bit scrappy.

So, I’ve reworked the pipe to pull out all of the keywords from all of the posts (using Category RSS feeds). The original pipe listed the blog post title and keywords associated with that blog post. The new pipe lists the most frequently used keywords in all of the blog posts. When the keyword is clicked on (in the RSS feed) it runs a search on that keyword and returns any blog post mentioning the keyword.

In the pipe I’ve manually filtered out certain irrelevant words eg ‘blog’, ‘amp’ and ‘doc’. As time goes on I’ll have to manually add more words.

The only problem at the moment is that, even though the pipe returns an unlimited number of keywords, is limited to showing the first twenty items. I decided to compromise and call the feed ‘Top automatic Tags’. Unsurprisingly the most common phrase is ‘Yahoo pipes’.

You can see it on the right hand side of this blog (if Yahoo pipes is working, of course 😉 )

PS. I’ve not abandoned the original Tagxedo idea, but I need a bit more time to tinker with it.


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