Newsweek Print versus E-book Infographic


I enjoy the creativity in infographics – it beats looking at data as figures or on a bog standard pie chart or graph. I thought the Newsweek infographic created to show a comparison between printed books and e-books was fun. It’s set out like a poster for a boxing match. The details of the two contenders are set side by side – a weighing up of the pros and cons of the each type of book. It was interesting to see how things balanced out between the two.

At the top of the poster it asks if there has to be a winner, suggesting that the two can live side-by-side for a long time to come. Figures are given for average production, royalties and sales (in US $). It also humourously suggests that printed books are great if you want to impress a stranger with what you’re reading and e-books are great if you want to hide your reading habits from them.

However, out of all the information presented there, the main thing that appealed to me from the point of view of a librarian was the statement “Walking to the library is still the most ecofriendly way to read.”

It’s a great acknowledgment of the greenness of libraries! Not only do we recycle books, but getting access to them is environmentally sound too.

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