Author Library Partnerships

I came across Authors For Libraries Partnerships in the USA.

It is “a unique partnership to connect authors with libraries, Friends of the Library groups and library Foundations as well as to keep authors informed about issues and concerns affecting libraries on a national level. 

Seems like a good idea to me. We’ve got so many authors like Philip Pullman, Kate Mosse, Will Self, Michael Rosen, Neil Gaiman defending UK public libraries at the moment in the press, that maybe it’s time to see if a more formal link can be made between the authors and libraries.

Libraries and authors existences  are intertwined, but I’m not sure how much authors know about all of the things that affect libraries. Obviously authors understand that libraries provide a market share for their book distribution, enable book promotion through events and that libraries are an important way of developing literacy skills, but how much do they know about the strategies and local/national politics that affect the provision of library services? From a librarians point of view, I don’t know a lot about the internal politics of publishing, so why should authors know the minutiae ins-and-outs of providing a library service?

So, wouldn’t an author/library partnership scheme be a good way to cross-pollinate the two professions and formally link authors with each public library in the country?

NB: At this point I will click ‘publish’ and within 5 minutes someone will add a comment saying “Oh! That scheme already exists. Here’s the link.” 😉

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