Follow Friday 2010 Thanks


In 2010, through Twitter, I got to know a library community beyond the walls of my own organisation. Without this community I wouldn’t have got involved in so many library related initiatives as I have done this year. The community has encouraged me to look at libraries with new eyes. Twitter has a tradition called “Follow Friday”, which is normally used to recommend Twitter users to other Twitter users. On Christmas Eve I decided to use my Follow Fridays as a way to say thanks to all those Twitter users who had inspired, supported and helped me along the way. This blog post follows up those Follow Friday’s and explains why I wanted to thank them…

They got me mashing…

I got involved in Mashed Libraries – attending events, creating mashups (combining data from different resources to present it in a new way), getting back into computer programming after a break of about 20 years. I also presented sessions at two separate events. These were the first presentations I’ve ever done outside my department.

They made me want to play a part in the wider library community…

I got involved in projects in the library community, beyond the scope of my own job. I also joined CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals). The people I follow on Twitter showed me that CILIP does have an important role to play in the future of libraries. I also now feel as if I’m part of the library community beyond my own organisation.

They got me thinking about the future of libraries…

I became increasingly aware that the value of libraries and librarians were being questioned by people beyond the library community and within it. As the year went by I heard more stories about local authorities planning library closures. I was concerned and angry, but at the same time I got inspired/motivated by a small group of librarians and information professionals, who felt that someone needed to do something to stop these closures. From this, within about 2 weeks, we founded the library campaign Voices For The Library.

They made me smile…

There’s always someone on Twitter who will make me laugh, smile, give support, or “make it better” with a funny comment, a piece of advice, an anecdote, or a show of concern. It’s been a bit of a disheartening year with regard to some aspects of libraries, so this kind of support counts for a lot.

I appreciate all of these people and I just wanted to say thanks… Oh! Go on then. Have a hug. 🙂

Image (c) ganesha.isis / Flickr

I also realise I missed some people off my Follow Friday’s and this thanks is for them too.


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