Leeds Libraries use Mapped in Yahoo Pipes


Recently, Ian Clark blogged about proposed closures in Leeds Libraries on the Voices For The Library site. Following the Freedom of Information request this blog post was based on, we thought it might be useful to map some of the data, as a simple way of comparing libraries in Leeds. (NB: These figures were only a starting point for the findings.)

The FoI request included details of issues, visits and PC bookings. After tracking down unemployment figures for electoral districts, I mapped them to postcodes so they related to the correct libraries. The data was then combined in a Google spreadsheet and the spreadsheet was mapped in Yahoo Pipes.

Each library appears as a marker on the map and they contain information such as “Middleton Library. Change in issues: 20185 . Change in visits: 28409 . Change in PC Bookings: 945 / Unemployment 2010: 13.6%“.

As I say, it was just a simple way of comparing usage figures of libraries situated close to each other alongside unemployment figures. It beats scanning a list of figures on a spreadsheet. I also just wondered if I could put Yahoo Pipes to practical use. My pipe tinkerings have previously been aimed at seeing what I could do with pipes, whereas this was more to do with putting it to good use and maybe building on it in some way.


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