Trailmeme Revamped


I’ve talked about Trailmeme previously on my blog and during the latter part of this year it went through a bit of a revamp. Trailmeme is a method of organising related web resources in a way that make sense and allows easy navigation through them. It can be used for a variety of purposes – event logging; tutorials; subject resources; mind mapping. The new version looks more polished than the previous one. New features have also been added – you can now create/update a trail in a variety of ways…

  • Advanced create/edit: Access markers you’ve imported into your account; import new markers; add them manually.
  • Quick create: Build a trail manually.
  • Edit Trail Map: Add/edit markers while in the trail map.
  • Bookmarklet: This sits on your toolbar and allows you to add markers whilst browsing the web.

Other features include…

  • Firefox toolbar: Provides the ability to add markers to a trail and search for trails, without needing to visit the Trailmeme website.
  • WordPress plugin: Can be used on self-hosted WordPress blogs as a way to highlight themes covered in a blog or a series of articles.
  • Discussion forum: Could be useful for getting others involved in the development of your trails, or as a way to discuss the ideas raised within the trail.
  • You can also identify if a marker you use has been used on another trail.
  • Social gaming/interaction: Blazer’s Journey. The more active you are on the site, the higher the level you reach.

Image (c) UW Digital Collections / Flickr.

Trailmeme is a lot easier to use since the revamp, whether it’s from the point of view of creating a trail or walking one and I’ve been working on a few new  trails using it. The latest is…

Voices For The Library campaign trail: The starting point for the trail is the VFTL campaign website. By putting this trail together I was attempting to highlight different resources mentioned on the VFTL website. The trail fans out from this website in three spokes – each spoke links to other VFTL web presences; endorsements from other organisations for VFTL; campaigns mentioned on the VFTL website. I’ve had to use intermediary pages for each of the three spokes, as I didn’t want to highlight a particular endorsement, campaign or other web presence from the VFTL website.


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