Surrey Library Service Review Recommends Rethinking Cabinet Decision


On 22nd February Surrey County Council’s Safer and Stronger Communities Select Committee raised a challenge to the proposals for changes to the library service, as follows…

To review the decision by Cabinet on 1 February 2011 to implement the recommendations of the Libraries PVR to close the mobile library service and transfer libraries into community partnership.”

The Select Committee voted five to four in favour of Cabinet re-thinking their decision. This does not mean that they have overturned the original decision, just that Cabinet have been asked to reconsider it on 1st March, 2011.

Dr Andrew Povey (Leader and Chairman of the Cabinet) recently suggested on his blog that the provision of library services should be re-examined…

“I am confident that the Big Society will give everybody an opportunity to get involved in their local communities and we are therefore keen to explore options whereby libraries might be run by local residents themselves.”

…and on Twitter

“Why doesn’t Gov let us charge for libraries? Could save money & provide more comprehensive services.”

(Edit: 25/02/11)

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