Books From My Childhood


I’m thinking about all the books I remember from my childhood… Books that I enjoyed and stuck in my mind. They were books that I either owned or were read to me at primary school.

I still have a few of them now and open them up once in a while to read a story or two to myself.

Little Pete Stories

I had a couple of Mr Men books – “Mr Greedy” & “Mr Tickle“; “Tales of Joe and Timothy“; “Jacko the monkey” (I think it was called this and I think this is the book on Worldcat!); “Little Pete Stories“; “Teddy Robinson” (this is the one I remember being read out at school, although I think Little Pete was too); “Children of Cherry Tree Farm“; “The Demon Bike Rider” – which contained the classic innuendo “the bike on Barker’s Bonk.” NB: Being the naive soul I am, I have just this minute (honestly after 30 years) realised that this is more of an innuendo than I first thought! It was probably due to the innuendo this raised amongst my school friends that this was the turning point in my reading choice… Into more grown up stuff. Nope, I’m not talking about dirty magazines. I’m talking about The Hardy Boys, which to be honest, I thought were really dull. Maybe that’s why I go back to the books from my earlier years for a bit of nostalgic reading – far more interesting, in my opinion.

One of the things I could never work out with these books, except “The Demon Bike Rider”, is when they were set… All in the 20th century some time, but it’s difficult to gauge.

No matter, I suppose… they made sense to me, I could relate to them and I imagine children now still can, even though we are living in a time where the world contains so much technology. There isn’t any technology in these books, but the fun of childhood is still there.


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