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I really like the idea behind Tony Smith’s “Library Tribe” photo set on Flickr. They’re of library users and their book selection as they walk out of the library. Each photo includes an insightful comment about their choice of book loan. Really like the style of the photos too – mainly black and white, but with the book covers in vivid colour.

On Flickr Tony says: This is a little project I have thought of starting since my local library, admittedly one of the smallest in my town in England, UK was closed. I live between two great cities and in the North West, well away from Westminster and the hussle of London and the SE.

Humble as it was, while in use it was a great little meeting point for everyone in the locality and doubled up as my local polling station. The latter the place where I did not vote for some of these savage cuts that are being acted upon us across England and to a lesser extent the rest of the UK.

A technique of stealth where the village council were very late to find out appears to have been applied. The excuse that the building had not been brought up to current standards as regards facilities and fire exits etc was an excuse for its demise, down on Albert Road Grappenhall.

It can be seen in use here and my comments later on the first page show how it is today (May 2011).

All a great shame as apparently Warrington had the first rate supported public library in the UK. I wonder what those Victorians, such as William Beamont (solicitor and local philanthropist who founded several churches and the municipal library) would make of this.

This set shows some of the people I have met using my local central library. All are strangers and in some cases the books tell a lot about them and how they use the facilities.

Since Victorian days, libraries have changed a lot. Many people I have chatted to have just gone in to use the computers/internet, read the free papers provided or just been in to keep warm (as some cannot afford to put the heating on).

I am hoping this set will open a window on libraries and how they are being currently used in 2011.

If you have a view, or to let me know what you feel about this set, again, please leave a comment.


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