Libraries: A Brand You Can Trust


“Libraries will continue to be a brand people can trust.”

(Coventry Telegraph: Library jobs could go in £2m budget cuts)

This quote, taken from a Warwickshire County Council report, just popped the simple thought into my head, “If libraries are a trusted brand, then why don’t more people use them?”

I’m not insinuating in this question that they aren’t trusted – I believe they are.

I believe they’re trusted by people who don’t even use them.

I believe that if people thought about what a library could offer them they’d use them more.

Maybe the problem is that many people don’t automatically think “Library!” when they should.

But why don’t they think like this?

Don’t they know what libraries are all about?

Is this caused by a lack of marketing?

Is it caused by a lack of branding?

A brand you can trust… but maybe a brand too many people no longer understand!?


2 thoughts on “Libraries: A Brand You Can Trust

  1. Definitely a lack of marketing. As long as people affiliate libraries with books & reading alone they will think they’re out-of-date or irrelevant in high-tech lives. If all we did at libraries was marketing our tech & other services we might make a dent in that perception, but that costs $, which we can’t get as long as we’re perceived of as out-of-date and irrelevant. Sigh.

    • It’s a shame those who could make this happen with a little extra money are happily withdrawing funding rather than investing in the future of libraries.

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