CILIP 2011 AGM #cilipagm11


I attended the CILIP 2011 AGM on Thursday. For a summary of the meeting see my tweets below. The full archive for all of the tweets posted by everyone during the AGM can also be found here.


  • Annie Mauger presenting honorary fellowship to John Lake.
  • RT @Minimorticia: If you are not here with us you can follow the AGM via the live link #CILIPAGM11
  • AGM 2010 meeting minutes agreed.
  • Issues were raised from last years minutes – questions about subscription charges for retired & overseas members.
  • Auditors appointed – Kingston Smith LLP.
  • Trustees report and annual accounts being presented by Judy Broady-Preston (Honorary Treasurer).
  • Accounts in context: Global financial crisis; Political changes; Changes facing CILIP & LIS sector.
  • Impact in CILIP: Dramatic drop in income £825,000; Had to streamline CILIP (5 redundancies)
  • Remodelled itself based on Defining our Professional Future Report.
  • Expenditure reduced by £0.8mill; Income reduced by £0.9mill from reserves of £767k
  • 2011 actions: Restructure; Increased advocacy emphasis; Reduced costs; New business model
  • CILIP What next?: Sustained CILIP recruitment & retain members; 5 year financial strategy.
  • Finances this year “looking better than last year”.
  • Question from the floor. What are net figures of funds held by branches and groups? Answer: CILIP will get figures & put on site.
  • Discussion around CILIP finances raised by questions from the floor.
  • Membership recruitment and retention is very important in CILIP’s strategy.
  • Presentation by Annie Mauger on impact “Defining our Professional Future” report has had on CILIP #cilipfuture
  • Defining our professional future has guided CILIP over the past year.
  • Want to provide sound leadership; advocacy; long term financial sustainability
  • Advocacy – Engaged with media; government; delivered new advocacy resources; awards
  • Devpt. activities – more online resources; new models of branches & groups; Toolshed support for groups/branches
  • Back to the floor days for CILIP staff.
  • Subscription strategies and proposals. CILIP need to do more with less.
  • Keep CILIP membership accessible. Fund activities members want from their prof. body. Allow ideas in DOPF to take root & grow.
  • Subscription proposals: Reductions at lower levels & no more than increase of £5 for any individual at higher level.
  • Amendment suggested to allow Overseas Members access to reduced UK subs. to acknowledge where overseas income may be very low.
  • RT @Speranda: wants to know how institution membership of #cilip might mesh with individual chartered membership #cilipagm11
  • RT @llordllama: Those outside London get less than a 1/3 of the member benefits too – can we have a decrease? #cilipagm11
  • Me too MT @bethanar Wish they had a band above £17.5k – I’d gladly pay more in amore band, to allow lower to pay less #cilipagm11
  • Vote on amendment to subscriptions taking place. Amendment not passed. (I sat on the fence!)
  • Items raised: text of CILIP Disciplinary Regulations. Changes suggested around bias; expelling members.
  • RT @RMGCat: Hoping for online voting in addition to streaming & proxy votes next year #cilipagm11. Really wanted to vote but on the day …
  • RT @CILIPinfo: #CILIPAGM11 Agenda item submitted for consideration by the AGM. No motions have been submitted
I’ve only been a member of CILIP for just over a year and it’s the second time I’ve attended the AGM. I went last year too. At last years AGM CILIP were deciding how they would act on the members views expressed in the “Defining Our Professional Future” report that had been published a few months earlier – concerns about CILIP’s finances, the future of the profession and action CILIP were taking to support the profession, and the desire for CILIP to move into the 21st century with regard to technology.
With this in mind, it was interesting to attend the AGM again, with its focus on the steps CILIP had taken in response to the report and their strategy/plans for the future. Advocacy was high on the agenda – listing a number of advocacy successes CILIP had achieved over the past year and their future plans. CILIP finances still need to be improved, but they are currently better than they were. Following a recent restructure, the organisation is now leaner and is able to focus on those areas members felt were important. It was recognised that the need to recruit/retain members was important and hopefully the development of CILIP’s leadership role will help encourage membership. With regard to technology it was good to see CILIP were live streaming the AGM, and they had plans in place to develop their online activities.
Obviously CILIP still have some way to go to achieve what they want and what the members want the organisation to achieve, but it appears they are heading in the right direction. It’s only been a year since the report, and change can’t always happen quickly in an organisation like CILIP, with so many areas to focus on. There’s always the added difficulty of trying to be as effective as possible when finances are also an issue. I’ll admit that, as a  member of the organisation, I do find this frustrating, but realise that sometimes things can’t move on as quickly as I’d like them to, no matter how hard I mentally will things to happen. Hopefully this time next year my frustrations will be gone.

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