It’s Raining – Twitter Says Get To The Library


One of the inputs of “If This Then That” (ifttt) is a weather feed. It allows you to create an action based on the current weather or tomorrow’s weather. I was wondering how this could be tied in with libraries, to see if it’s of any use. I suppose if it’s not upbeat weather people might rather be inside than outside. This is simplistic I know, but I only thought of it an hour ago. 🙂 So maybe ifttt could be used to promote library services based on the weather! That might be suggesting reading a book borrowed from the library, attending an event in a library on a cold day, etc.

Rainy Walk

Rainy Walk (c) moionet/ Flickr

So, as an experiment, I set up a few ifttt tasks that would automatically send out a tweet from my personal account suggesting using library services based on the weather. For example:

Chilly tomorrow! 8C. Not staying in, but don’t fancy staying out all day. Anything on in the library?

Clear tomorrow! 🙂 Think I’ll spend the afternoon in the park with a relaxing book.

Snow tomorrow! :-O I’m stocking up with tea, chocolate, a good book & staying in.

Oh no! Rain tomorrow. Get a decent book from your library tonight & stay indoors tomorrow.

I’ve set these up already and the triggers work, so it’s looking promising already. I just need to come up with a few more creative and sensible reasons for using the library that ties in with the weather. Or maybe you can? All ideas welcome. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “It’s Raining – Twitter Says Get To The Library

  1. Ha! I love this!

    How about:

    – Overnight frost giving you problems in the garden. Get down the library and pick up some gardening books

    – Snowed in? Bet you wish you’d picked up some books from the library to read!

    OK maybe these are not great but perhaps they’ll inspire you.


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