CILIP Elections 2012 #cilip2012

I’m currently trying to decide who to vote for in the CILIP 2012 Council Elections, but to be honest I’m dithering. I’m not even sure I can vote for 4 out of the 6 standing for the trustee/councillor roles. Most of them aren’t saying what I want to hear them say most of the time. I’m not saying I can’t vote for any of them, but I’m not sure my ballot paper is going to have 4 crosses on it… which is worrying for me.
I’ve read their manifestos; read their responses to questions posted on the CILIP e-hustings; asked them a few questions via the e-hustings and the live hustings myself – although I couldn’t follow the live hustings video stream, I did follow the Twitter stream and picked up on various points via follow up blog posts.
But still I’m wavering about my decision! I get to the point where I think “They’ll do for me,” and then I re-read something else they’ve said and I realise I disagree with them on it. I should say I can agree with most candidates on at least one of their major points, but this isn’t enough to make me want to vote for them.
I understand that once they’re elected they will have to work within the restrictions of CILIP Council and won’t be able to stage a coup and over-run CILIP with ideas that have me a bit worried, so maybe I should have faith in others on CILIP Council to stop anything unwanted from happening.
I was going to say CILIP is at a cross-roads regarding its future, but following on from the “Defining Our Professional Future” report, it seems as if it has made its decision about the direction it is going in, has indicated, and has pulled away… Now it needs a bit of gas to race from 0 to 60mph to get where it’s going as quickly as possible. So, in my mind, that’s why it’s important for me to choose very carefully who’s on the CILIP bus helping to drive it, service it and willing to push it up a few steep hills if it needs a bit of extra Oomph!
But time is running out for me to choose… so, I need to go and dither a little bit more.
All aboard CILIP's funky bus

All aboard CILIP's funky bus (c) Mattes


9 thoughts on “CILIP Elections 2012 #cilip2012

  1. I felt more or less the same way. None of them really represented what I thought or said what I wanted to hear. But eventually I decided that no-one would ever be perfect and no-one would perfectly match my opinions. So I had to compromise and try to vote for a team that together would somewhat reflect my views.

    We just have to trust that they’ll do what’s best for the organisation and the LIS community once they’re there (which can be a bit of a tall order!).

  2. Have spoken / e-chatted with 16 people who are voting, over the last few weeks. Only 5 of those *said* (i.e. they may change their minds) that are, or have, voted for the full allowance of five candidates. The other 11 have voted for 1, 2 or 3.

    Think it comes down to a few things.

    1. If you strongly support one candidate, be a ringer and vote only for that candidate. That’s a big power boost for him or her.

    2. If you strongly disagree with one candidate (I would be in that position), vote for four of the other five.

    Unsure if the “less than four” pattern will be repeated across all votes, as I usually only chat to “progressive” members (think New Professionals who are too old to be New Professionals), and the traditionalist and dinosaur demographics of the membership will probably mostly vote for four.

  3. I feel this too; there are two candidates I want to support, two who, if elected, would have me hurrying to the first meeting of Council wearing a suicide vest, and two who inspire no very deep feelings of any sort.
    We get the Council we deserve, though, and if we think the quality of candidates is thin, then we ought to think about standing ourselves. I have paid my debt to society here, so claim exemption (I stood for old LA council two or three times, without success; perhaps the clause in my manifesto calling for armed insurrection was ahead of its time). But you young chaps could have a go. How hard can it be?

    • Hmm! Me stand for CILIP Council, Tom? 😀 That’s not going to happen. Just because I’m dithering over the candidates I’m trying to choose from certainly doesn’t make me think that I’m a better option instead. Different people have different skills for different roles – and mine don’t point in that direction… maybe they will at some point in the future, but not at the moment. I should also say that I’m not having a go at any of the candidates for standing for election, just that I don’t necessarily want to vote for all of them.

    • I strongly suspect that CLIPCLOP won’t be able to afford to pay my travel expenses from Des Moines, Iowa, to London for councillor meetings, so I’m out. Anyway, as councillor I’d be pushing to have the organisation bought out and run by Nintendo. There’s a case for that … well, the other side of several gin and tonics, anyway.

      Anyway, warning heeded. If you turn up at a CLIPCLOP meeting looking particularly bulky under that tweed jacket, then we’ll run very far away, very quickly 🙂

  4. Thanks Simon & John
    Interesting that I’m not the only one with this problem, but I imagine it’s often the same with any election. I’ll see how I feel after watching the re-posted live hustings videos. I’ll probably go down the vote for less than 4 route if I don’t feel any different.

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