My Library Mojo Has Been Flushed Down The Bog


I’ve been reading a few blog posts about how to keep your library mojo and re-energise it when it’s left you… and at the moment I feel I really need to read those sort of articles, because I’ve been hit by thoughts which seems to spiral around:

  • “What the F is going on?”
  • “What am I doing?”
  • “I’m tired and I want to go back to bed.”

I’d like to contribute to the “Keeping your library mojo intact” debate…

My words of wisdom are…

Do it before you get to the age where you are:

  • Making those funny sighing noises when you bend over.
  • Struggling to get out of the bath.
  • Snoozing on the sofa a little bit more than you used to.

I’m not saying anyone at that age is not going to have any mojo, but at the moment I don’t and I’m guilty of all 3 points above. So, in the true spirit of making the evidence fit the conclusion, this is why I believe my library mojo has been drained awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Or maybe I’m just:

  • Disheartened by a lack of support for libraries
  • Sick of the shit going on around public libraries
  • Sick of the lack of leadership in all quarters
  • Sick of toss-pots who think they know about libraries when they haven’t used one for years
  • Sick of having to fight for libraries as one of the little people, when the people who have much more power do…

“F’ ALL!”

At the moment all this frustration is making me want to take an Incredible Hulk stance


Incredible Hulk

(c) Kiwanja / Flickr

And if anyone posts a comment here giving the usual crap about how:

  • You can buy books cheaply from Amazon
  • Everyone has the internet at home
  • You can just Google it
  • You can get it all on e-books
  • Why do you need librarians?
  • etc, etc, etc

They will be told to…


An unprofessional attitude, I know, but I can’t really see many other people higher up actually fighting for professional staff anyway! I can hear them talking about it, but that’s about it!

Yours grumpily….

NB: This is probably just a blip in my library mojo.


3 thoughts on “My Library Mojo Has Been Flushed Down The Bog

    • 🙂 ChrisMash is fuelling my mojo Richard, but I see that as the equivalent of playing with Lego at Christmas, whereas the draining stuff seems like the equivalent of doing the dishes after Christmas dinner with a family of 6,000 and no advocaat, gin or mild within reach. 😉

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