Radio 4: Start The Week: The Digital Future (7 May 2012)


In this episode of Andrew Marr’s “Start the week” radio programme, he spoke to a number of guests about how technology might impact on us in the future, raising issues such as:

  • How we can retain control of our interaction with the digital world.
  • Ethics of technology.
  • Inequality of digital access.
  • How technology has changed social interaction.
  • Augmented reality.
  • The changing value of games.
  • The idea that digital experiences may be more successful when presenting them as a “physical simple imminent experience” rather than a “complex informational one”.
  • Users seen as livestock – being coralled by those who control technology.
  • New technology developments.
  • The suggestion that most of society is not prepared for things that are just around the corner (some already here).
  • Who controls technology and what would happen if leadership changed in Microsoft, Apple or Google to a more traditional corporate style?

It’s well worth listening to, particularly with its focus upon the social impact of technology. One of the key things I picked up from it, was the idea that there are just as many opportunities for the individual to take control of their own experience in the digital world as there are opportunities for others to lead us down a path they want us to go.


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