Read: Emergent digital services in public libraries – a domain study


I’ve just read the following study:

David McMenemy,  (2012) “Emergent digital services in public libraries: a domain study”, New Library World, Vol. 113 Iss: 11/12, pp.507 – 527

It focused on the provision of online services in Scottish public libraries, and a few areas that caught my interest in the study were:

  • How digital services are providing libraries with more opportunities to act as content creators as well as access providers.
  • The importance of the delivery of library services via library websites in a climate of physical library cuts and closures.
  • The structure of library websites, how they were broken down into different topics/subjects, and how inconsistent terminology was used to describe library services.
  • The suggestion that a national body could be used to provide content that was common across many library services, leaving local authorities to focus on local content.
  • The need for public libraries to improve guidance on using externally subscribed services as part of their remit to provide equitable access to information.

If you’re interested in any aspect of providing online services in public libraries I’d recommend reading it.


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