Ideas for National Libraries Day events and activities #NLD13


Here’s a short list of possible ideas for events and activities I collated that could be run on (or in the lead up to) National Libraries Day on Saturday 9th Feb. 2013. Many of them were either taken from or inspired by events listed on the National Libraries Day website. I’m looking at this from a public libraries perspective (including ideas for children and adults), but some ideas could work in other types of libraries too.

Promote the library service (in the library or online via web pages & social media):

  • Run a membership drive in the week leading up to National Library Day – hand out flyers in local community centres, shopping centres, pubs.
  • Coffee & cake morning for library users. Once they are in you can tell them about all the great services you provide – not just services in the physical library, but also outreach, partnership and specialist services.
  • A behind the scenes tour of the library.
  • Tweet or share Facebook updates about behind-the-scenes activities of your library.
  • Showcase online services – ebooks; online reference; catalogue; special promotions.
  • Enter new joiners that week into a prize draw.
  • Produce a history of your library or library service using archive material, or run a local history event focusing on your library.

Ideas encouraging library user participation.

  • Tell us about your favourite book or books, or something great you discovered through the library.
  • Write a story about the library.
  • Lucky dip – get staff to wrap up their favourite book, DVD, CD etc with a note about why it’s their favourite & a review card. Put them into a lucky dip and encourage library users to borrow an item without knowing what they’re getting. Encourage them to write a review of the item afterwards.
  • Tell us your favourite library memory.
  • Draw your favourite book character.
  • Make your own bookmark.
  • Ask library users “What library pledge will you make?”
  • Run a book character fancy dress competition.
  • Design your library of the future.
  • Tell us why you love your library.
  • Other creative activities – book sculptures? Craft events?
  • Run a library treasure hunt – hide clues related to books around your library & the first one to solve the final clue wins a prize.
  • All day read-a-thon: Get staff, authors, or the public involved & read out a passage from their favourite book, or tell a story.
  • Create a library display or scrapbook of the day including library users contributions to the above ideas.
  • Digitize the scrapbook using an online scrapbooking service, or turn it into an e-book and share online.

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