NewsNow News search engine


I wanted to give a mention to one of my favourite news search engines that I’ve been using for some time now – It’s straightforward to use – type your search into a box and it gives you a list of news items from across the world matching that search.

Reasons why I find it so useful include:

  • It’s got a wide resource coverage and picks up more local and international news than other news search engines I’ve tried.
  • It doesn’t focus on high ranking news stories only.
  • Each news item appears with a little flag for the country of origin against it, so I know which part of the world the article is focused on.
  • You can choose to hide results from specific publications – this is useful to me as I’m generally focusing on UK related news and I hide a lot of international publications. There is however a limit to the number of publications you can hide.
  • The search results will indicate if any results are hidden and the number of results hidden.
  • If you set up an account it will remember which publications you’ve asked it to hide.
  • If you set up an account you can save your favourite searches.
  • It’s got a decent mobile version of the site too.
  • It’s quick – a few other news search engines I’ve tried have been incredibly slow at retrieving results.

The only area it falls down on (for my use) is lack of sharing options of results, including the fact that the search results aren’t available as RSS feeds. However if you’ve got a sharing widget on your internet browser or you have a smart phone with sharing options most of the sharing issues can be overcome apart from the results RSS feed.


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