Try These ifttt Alternatives


If you find ifttt useful you might want to take a look at these services too.


It might be that you like the look of ifttt, but it doesn’t quite suit your needs or the way you work, or it doesn’t connect channels that you use. If that’s the case maybe one of these services will suit you instead.

Out of the five, I’d say Zapier and WeWiredWeb were the most similar to ifttt. Zapier appears to be able to connect the most channels.

Creating a CPD or Work Log Using ifttt


As well as using ifttt to share information to various social networks I also find it very useful for building up a personal work/continuing professional development log, which I use to record work I’ve undertaken and work events or training I’ve attended.

The main ifttt channels I use as triggers for this are LinkedIn, Google Calendar, Diigo and RSS feeds. I feed information from those channel triggers into a spreadsheet in Google Drive, and use the Evernote channel as a backup.

Here’s a bit more detail about each of those channels and how I use them:

LinkedIn – I post work related status updates here, such as “Running ebook training sessions for staff today.” etc. After the ifttt Twitter triggers stopped working I decided that I would use LinkedIn more for posting work updates instead, as it’s a professional network and it makes sense to provide updates there about what I was working on/involved with. I use both the LinkedIn status update and link update triggers to catch everything I post to my LinkedIn account.

Google Calendar – I record all of my work related meetings and events in Google Calendar, marking them with a tag “sccwork”. I set up an ifttt trigger to look for events containing this tag, so that personal/social events aren’t pulled through.

Diigo – I bookmark web links to web pages focusing on work I’ve been involved in or anywhere I’ve commented on a news article or blog post with the tags “mywork” and “mycomments”. I set up 2 triggers to identify any new bookmarks I’ve added with either of these 2 tags.

RSS feeds – I have a trigger that identifies if I’ve written a new blog post on this site.

As for the responses to these triggers, I have a “Personal Log” spreadsheet set up in Google Drive and also a “GGSCCWork” notebook setup in Evernote. Whenever one of the above channel triggers is activated a new row is added to the spreadsheet and a new note is created in Evernote and the information from the trigger channel is pulled through into both of them. I tried to standardise how the information is pulled through. For example, the first column of the spreadsheet contains the date the LinkedIn status update was posted, the Calendar event happened, the blog post was created, or the Diigo bookmark was saved. The second column contains the text of the LinkedIn status update, details of the calendar event, blog post title, Diigo bookmark description.

As I used many of these channels already for recording my work it made sense for me to re-use this information and pull all this activity together in one place. I find it especially useful as a reminder of what I’ve been working on, particularly when I have one-to-ones and appraisals with my line manager.