Try These ifttt Alternatives


If you find ifttt useful you might want to take a look at these services too.


It might be that you like the look of ifttt, but it doesn’t quite suit your needs or the way you work, or it doesn’t connect channels that you use. If that’s the case maybe one of these services will suit you instead.

Out of the five, I’d say Zapier and WeWiredWeb were the most similar to ifttt. Zapier appears to be able to connect the most channels.

12 thoughts on “Try These ifttt Alternatives

  1. Ben Dover

    zapier has more channels than ifttt. It looks good but takes hours to sync unless you pay $15 a month for a half-hour(?) sync period. The free version also limits you to 5 zaps (the equivalent to recipes in ifttt).

    • Thanks gizmoshere. I ended up staying with ifttt too – since the Twitter triggers came back I can feed info through all the different sites I use. I suppose it depends on what you want to connect, really.

  2. I tried zapier a wewired, both of them are ”easy” for some recipes but other are a real headache IMPOSIBLE to sync or make it work.

    Not for the average user.

    • It’s been a while since I used either of them – I remember that in some cases they are more flexible and offer different ways of connecting services, but at the same time their flexibility and differences to ifttt meant I didn’t always get the result I wanted/expected.

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