Help Me Find Some Techy Fun For The Kids


I’m currently involved in helping organise a library festival for our Children’s library services and I’m trying to find an engaging and fun interactive online service that will help us promote the festival to children (a broad age range from primary school up to mid-teens) and their parents.

At the moment we’re open to ideas, but initial thoughts are it could:

  • Be online and available to anyone with an internet connection
  • Be able to automatically pull in feeds from our social media accounts with minimal manual intervention.
  • Allow us to edit those feeds and add extra information from other sources.
  • Be engaging for children and parents, fun and look good.
  • Be interactive and encourage participation from people who visit the site.
  • Complement the festival and add a unique feature to it.

The sort of creative tools I like are Glogster, Prezi, Brickflow , Tiki-Toki and Montage. The sort of interactive sites I like are, NFBs interactive documentaries (eg, ). I’m not suggesting we’d have the time or money to put something as elaborate as the Roald Dahl and NFBs site together, but it just gives an idea of the sort of interaction I’m thinking about.

So, if anyone’s got any sites they think might be of interest to us, please let me know. Thanks.


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