A #LibraryAtoZ #lovelibraries #NLD14 gif


A #LibraryAtoZ #lovelibraries #NLD14 gif

I also wanted to make something a bit more creative for the #LibraryAtoZ, so I made an “I love…” gif taking some of the words that didn’t focus specifically on library services offered, more on people’s reasons for using them. It wasn’t supposed to be something personal to me, but now looking at all the words/phrases as they flit past I can honestly say that at some point along the way this is what libraries have meant to me.

Made with “www.Ilovegenerator.com” and “IMGflip animated gif maker”.

A Contribution to the #LibraryAtoZ


Following on from the LibraryCamp East Library A to Z session I blogged about previously, I helped put together an A to Z for my Library Service that we have been tweeting from our main library account in the run-up to National Libraries Day this coming Staurday. It was also passed on to library service staff, in case they wanted to make use of it on National Libraries Day or any other time. The idea behind it was that it focused on services we provide to our local users and each word linked to one of our web pages on the library site or another of our online resources. It wasn’t an exhaustive list, but aimed to show the wide range of services we provide. For example…

It was a fun thing to do, although I take no credit for squeezing the information into 140 characters with 2 hashtags as well. It is also something¬†we can use beyond National Libraries Day too. It would also be nice to¬†create a range of other A to Z’s in future with a focus on more specific areas of our library services as well.

Library A to Z Tagxedo

Library A to Z Tagxedo