Bob Godfrey Cataloguing Project at U.C.A.


Bob Godfrey Cataloguing Project at U.C.A.

I was a fan of cartoons Roobarb and Henry’s Cat when I was growing up, so it was nice to see that the U.C.A. blog is now featuring the cataloguing project of Bob Godfrey’s archive collection.


Spend Love Index: Idea for National Hack the Government event #NHTG14


This weekend Rewired State are running a National Hack the Government event around the UK. I won’t be attending, but I thought I’d submit an idea that those attending might want to work on.

I called it the Spend Quality Index, and the idea is to see if a council’s spend on a service is proportional to the social media love it receives in response to that service?

Steps involved could be:

  1. Take the budget figures for a specific council service (eg Fakeshire Council Library Service).
  2. Collect all mentions of Fakeshire’s Library Service across various social media channels, extracting the user sentiment ie happy; unhappy; angry.
  3. Do the same for all Library Services across England.
  4. Produce a sliding scale of happiness/satisfaction with the services based on funding & sentiment.

Budget figures could be taken from CIPFA annual library stats and sentiment analysis APIs could be used.


I know this isn’t a scientific approach and I don’t expect the results to be taken seriously – it’s about looking at things in a different way.

I chose libraries because that’s the sector I work in, and it isn’t me pointing fingers at library services who have made cuts.