International Games Day at The British Library

Last Saturday was International Games Day @ Your Library and I was lucky enough to help organise the free event at The British Library. We were going for an Alice in Wonderland theme in general (although we had many games that weren’t themed around Alice), as the Alice exhibition at the library had only opened the day before – it was a good tie-in and gave us a focus.


The event included a huge range of tabletop games provided by board game enthusiasts, and computer games from both the British Library/Game City Off The Map competition (including Gyre and Gimble’s game) , and games from Alice Jam 150. We had planned to run a couple of Pocket Code/Paint sessions to show people how to create Alice game art and a game in an hour and to tie in with this Pocket Code Alice game jam in December. In the end we only ran the Game Making with Pocket Code session (lack of attendees) with a couple of people. Even though it would have been nicer to have more people attend, I still enjoyed running it and I think those attending enjoyed it too. Everything else went down very well – we must have had 100+ people come along on the day and many stayed and played for a while. Having tabletop game enthusiasts who could show other volunteers and anyone who came along how to play the games was important. Having Gyre and Gimble there to talk about their game was great too, especially as they received such positive feedback about it. It was also fun to watch other people try out the Alice Jam 150 games – again, all of which got positive feedback. The most popular was Down the rabbit hole.


As well as the main event we also ran gaming sessions on Friday and Saturday evening as part of the Alice late event – again, the sessions were extremely popular and I’m sure we must have had at least another 100 participants across both nights too.

As well as having fun, it was a great learning experience for me in so many ways, and I had the chance to meet and talk to an interesting group of people helping out at the event – including sharing ideas about Pocket Code. It was yet another event that I came away from buzzing with ideas.

Well done to Stella Wisdom as the main organiser who pulled it all together, and to everyone else who played a part in helping out.


International Games Day @ Your Library – 21st November

I’m really looking forward to the British Library event as I’ve been helping organise it. It will also include a game making session using Pocket Code for Android to tie in with an upcoming Pocket Code game jam. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there – please spread the word that it’s happening.

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November 21st is International Games Day @ Your Library. As the name suggest, it’s all about libraries around the world holding game related events (table-top and video games). Any library can be involved – all you have to do is visit the official website and submit details of the event at your library.

The site includes some great ideas about what games you could play or make for the day, including Minecraft Hunger Games sessions and the Global Gossip game, which involves libraries from around the world participating in an event together. You can theme your game event if you want to. For example, the British Library is running a free event focused on Alice in Wonderland, as it ties in with the 150th anniversary of the publication of the book and an Alice exhibition that opens in the library on the same weekend.

So, why not organise some…

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