Projects and Ideas


Here’s a list of projects I’d like to tackle, just for fun. I’m not sure how many of them are feasible, though… or should I say, they’re all feasible, but will my limited skills mean I’m able to do them all?


(1) Generating a Twitter Lisa type pseudo artificial intelligence feed, based on Twitter users tweets. A simple idea based on keywords they use.

(2) Getting a more useful hashtag keyword extractor for Twitter. Currently writing blog post on library20.ning about this. (Post completed 11/12/09)

(3) Litterary bin. Based on a post I put on ‘GaryIsBored’. I thought I’d develop something so that a user could put a book in the litterary bin and say why ie ‘it’s rubbish’, ‘I’ve never been so disgusted in my life. Filthy book’. Others could then vote on whether it should stay in the bin or not. I’d like it to have a graphical image of the book going through a old thingumybob contraption too.

(4) Create your own horror, romance, sci-fi, etc novel – I started working on this in Nov 09 as a Yahoo Pipe. You add text from a book to it and some of the text is replaced with generic genre terminology. It’s a simple find/replace idea. I came up with the idea after reading ‘Pride & Prejudice & Zombies’, which seemed like it could have been generated by a computer – stick in a few ‘unmentionables’ and you’re in the money!

(5) Where’s my train? Generate ridiculous excuses about why your train is late, in response to user input. 10/01/2010 – Could probably do with php script. 15/03/201 – Did with RunBasic. Need to create symbols to illustrate excuses and change css styling.

(6) Convert RSS feeds into music/audio, in an attempt to generate an ever evolving sound track – except if you use an RSS feed for TV listings guide at Christmas… then it’ll be full of repeats. 10/01/2010 – Need to convert RSS format into appropriate audio file or image file for audio paint.

(7) We love libraries tweets. I set something up a while ago (Oct 09) basically automatically retweeting other users positive comments about libraries. It churned out loads with swearing in it, as I didn’t get it quite right. So, I took it down, reworked it and then when I came to set it up again with Twitterfeed it wouldn’t allow me to send it back to Twitter. 😦 It’s only a minor thing that I need to sort out, but I just need to find the time. 13/03/2010 – Used Collecta widget to create We Love Public Libraries! page. Nice & simple. (Completed 13/03/2010) . 15/03/2010 – added Flickr slideshow as header.

(8) Pretend I’m a secret agent librarian and create my own cipher by converting text into Dewey Decimal Classification. I’d do it using find and replace functions. There is really no point to this, but it will amuse me for 5 minutes… Okay, 1 minute and 17 seconds. Do you want to be in my secret agent librarian gang? No, thought not. You’re mean! 😦


(9) “UnSmutIt!” – feed in a page full of swear words and replace them with cartoon style angry words “*!#:-((*!!” .  Simple find/replace. Then feed it into text to voice software and have a suitable bleep sound added, or Dick Emery saying  “Ooh! You are awful.” Do you think he’d be prepared to do it, though?

(10) Create a film search that combines photos/videos from a specific films locations – appearing on a Google map. Have it as a time line through the film. Drag in any relevant information you can find. Could also have synposis of the film up to certain points of it. Links to bits behind the scene of the film eg. directors info. Links to actor/actress/composer/director, etc profiles. I wouldn’t mind doing this for my fave horror film – “American Werewolf in London“. Hey, hang on a minute! I can’t believe it’s only got a rating of 7.5/10 on imdb!!

(11) Big-Head popularity search. Search for a person and their popularity is indicated by the size of their head – the bigger the head the more popular they are – sort of like a hashtag cloud, but using a photo of their actual head. Maybe a search for more than one person would be more visually effective? 10/01/2010 – Need to combine results out of 2 Yahoo pipes, based on counts of person on specified sites.

(12) Create a music search that combines video, audio, lyrical, fan results around a single song.


(13) Record Favourites in Twitter in a way that allows me to keyword tag them. 10/01/2010 – Pull out favourites as RSS, feed into database and tag them.


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