Pulling Photo Storage Together With ifttt


I set up another group of tasks with ifttt.com today, so that I don’t have to dither about:

(1) Where I upload a photo or image to, based on who I want to share it with – Flickr, Facebook, Twitpic, my personal blog.

(2) Which of my photos/images from these various places should be stored together.

So, I decided that Flickr is the place I’m going to store all my images and any images posted on the other sites will automatically be uploaded to my Flickr account.

I’ll still need to go in and tweak some of the information in Flickr once an item has been uploaded to it from these other places (eg tags; which sets they appear in), but it will still save me a lot of time to do it this way and I’ll have at least one place now where my photos and images can be found together.